Most people think they crave sugar because it’s just their body needing it!

It could be that it’s in front of you (Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.)  Or, it could be that time of the month or you are really stressed out. These are all reasons that you could be craving sweets.

The truth is that most people crave something sweet when the sugar levels in their body drop, or often times when they are hungry. But then the sugar craving can still be there even right after we have eaten a meal or a snack. We think we shouldn’t really be hungry for more, but we are.  Why?

When there is an abundance of sugar in the body, insulin is released to help to absorb it but then the insulin can create a sugar low situation which can make you hungry or want something sweet. If you keep eating something sweet, it will keep happening; its similar to a roller coaster.

The only way to stop the sugar imbalance is to eat something with protein in it. Protein helps to balance the sugar levels out without the use of insulin thus getting us out of that up and down sugar level.

I recommend eating protein in all of your meals. People should eat least 20 grams of protein in each meal. It can come from animal sources, or vegetarian sources. Protein bars or protein shakes, eggs, yogurts, meats, and soy all have good sources of protein.

Try it and watch your sugar cravings go away.